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Motivation. Power. Inspiration. Strength. Speed.
These are just some of the words people use to describe Team Xtreme.
We also hear "awesome", "amazing", "incredible", "exciting", and "great."

We have great passion for kids and teens. We believe that they should know their potential in life. It's our goal to do our very best to inspire and motivate kids and teens to their potential!

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­♦ Team Xtreme Tackles Bullying ­♦
­♦ Our interview on WMBD 31 in Peoria, IL.
­♦ "Breaking boards... and breaking barriers in bullying."

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­♦ ...a short TV news story on Team Xtreme.

Team Xtreme - High Five

You can make an amazing difference by helping us pay off our headquarters building...

We are asking for about 400 friends to donate $5 a week toward the purchase of our building. With your faithful help, we will be able to pay it off completely in only one year! It is truly a miracle of God to provide us with this opportunity.

The souls of children, teens and families are at stake! Please help. Thank you so much for making a difference.